1. i am an indian iam awitness to a sighting now am very much interested in ufo /do we have amutual ufo network or research programmes in india if so please reply to my mail

  2. We have some power[ ie;super power ] to see and talk the ghost,spirits planets [mangal grah per rahte bone log etc] ,black hole, aliens,[its body shape, size, colour, etc,]and many more at any time which is too different. if you ‘ll belived or take seriously.
    so please contact us immeadieatly.india mp jabalpur mo. – 9826319503 email –

    special comments
    [1] if you can’t belive us so atleast guid or tell the name of any research institute,or some researcher who listen my view and help, guide us.
    [2] please don;t take this lightly.
    [3] as there is any device through which whatever i see can be trap or see by it ?
    Thanks a lot,
    Rajendra kumar rajak.

  3. i really dont believe in aliens but only if u can convince me

  4. hmmm … Is this a Martian … Any source for this image … some more info would be nice mate !


  5. Hi,

    am wondering where did you get it from, if we happened to have the photograph, then where is the physical thing,

    am trying to believe in UFO….. and am looking for evidences to believe in them….

  6. Dude,

    There is no Institute approved by govt of India. If, you are interseted in Aliens, you need to work hard. I am working on this topic since 8 yrs and have a vast collection of info….

    Its not popular here…..


  7. ravi chandel Says:

    is there any alien site in india which is mentioned by many website link chandratal in himachal pradesh is it easy accessible or not. pls tell

    • mandeep Says:

      actually search for isro scientist alien in google. I am also wondering few years back i had seen the original images on the net and on tv channels but none now exists

  8. hi am wat to knew abt alien can plz help me

  9. this is my email id

  10. plz
    am v much excited 2 knbew abt

  11. I read your blog for a long time and must tell you that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  12. Well, actually Ive seen one UFO,…some time back…while there was a power outrage, I was standing outside my house, when I saw this thing….it appeared like a dark circle and sort of green light (like a laser beam) emitting through the edges so that in appears like a square(hope u got the picture).
    It was sort of gliding smoothly and then suddenly gained speed and disappeared in the horizon.

  13. Great site! Check out my site on alien sightings.

  14. Good entry I just Love it, Keep adding more like this! Tech Videos

  15. Your RSS feed is only posting some of your articles, i’m on a imac running netnewswire if that helps

  16. Hey compaƱero, realmente tenido gusto este poste. Can’ t parece conseguirlo para dar formato a la derecha en Internet Explorer, se dobla todo para arriba, pero no trabaja muy bien en Firefox tan ninguna preocupaciĆ³n.

  17. Thanks for the post it educated me haha.

  18. i belive in alien bcz ……………
    i hve a roof………….

  19. i have a proof………….
    i can show………….
    bt not know………..

    bcz i m collecting more info…

  20. if u have a proof ……….
    share with me ….

  21. Hey compaƱero, realmente tenido gusto este poste. Canā€™ t parece conseguirlo para dar formato a la derecha en Internet Explorer, se dobla todo para arriba, pero no trabaja muy bien en Firefox tan ninguna preocupaciĆ³n

  22. kiela undopeete Says:

    theres nooo truth to this i am a sspace investigater and you no what this is fack u are a phonie i have no recored of it there is some aliens and ufos but not a stranded alien

  23. looks like a small baby soaked in orange juice lol!

  24. hai, iam working about ufo if any one there want share their coments then must contact me,

    we donot have time for loos alians most power if compare humans in earth,, we must study about this strogly,,

  25. Visit ahaanow! – science and technology video bLog

  26. Hey mate, nice blog Happy Holidays!

  27. Scary, I’ve see pictures like this one before, so they must be real right?

  28. imposibal its fake and rong

  29. ankit kumar pandey Says:

    i like is alian.

  30. Shaileja more Says:


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