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This is a Blog which gives information about Ufos and the Alleged Alien Beings.Trying to Find the Answer,this blog strives for Sensible and ScientificThinking rather than Belief.


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  1. Ramkrishan Says:

    what do you think, Is India(ISRO) having any research on Aliens and UFOs.
    and what do you think are they dangerous for us or not?

    please give me reply

    • Hi Ramakrishna,As far i am concerned i am not sure of ISRO Involvement in ufos,but may be some other Govt Agencies. UFO hotspots are there in India as well. strange Aerial Phenomena like Traingular Ufos are seen in Ladkh Region in Indo China Border .Also I feel they are nOt Dangerous Upto this point of time.

      • saravanan karuppiah Says:

        hi all, my name saravanan karuppiah from bangalore., i do the same reseacher more than 5years. if asnybody really interested please call me 9611856121. you if you do know the true
        thank you

  2. christinaspirit Says:

    try to find abductees. they can tell you more…. i am not talking abt Indians now. I know couple of them….. so far nobody continued having any experiences since they moved India. ( at least i physical sense). seeing balls of light in their rooms etc was reported

  3. RG Sudharson Says:

    Hey kumerasan RG Sudharson here from chennai. Im into UFO research too. catch me in FB will meet in person and share our ideas. My FB ID RG SUDHARSON UFOLOGIST

  4. Balaji Says:

    well, I’m Very much interested in this topic, i really belive in UFO and extraterrestrial, lets catch up soon to get going with this topic.

    reach me at sbalajiraju@gmail.com

  5. I am a ufo researcher based in ahmedabad, gujarat. I have been a ufo researcher since 2005 and was in UK from 2006 to 2011. One Incident from 2005 as i recall, I was in bardoli for my studies a small town near surat. One night it was raining and lights went off hence me and my room partner ” Raju Prajapati” from surat were sleeping in the balcony of our flat on 6th floor. A sudden buzz waked us both together and we stood up and saw something moving at unbelievable speed leaving orbs on all side just above streetlights. we both were shocked for a moment and then we looked at each other in amazement of what we saw. I went to uk next year for my further studies where i came across this word ufo and researched it. that is when i knew what i saw was a ufo. I dont know if they are a threat or not but i surely know that they are here since then.

  6. sir! My name is selvam..i am studying final year B.sc microbiology from madras christian college..i would like to study about aliens or ufo on my PG Level.so can you help me ?.there is any separate course abt that in india particularly in tamilnadu and which colleges are offering that courses? Pls help me!

  7. mene dekha hai ufo
    but me iske bare me kuch jayda nahi bolna chahta.

    case of date 15 march 2008
    Image 2
    aapko is se achi image koi nahi bata sakta.is world me
    harshad kumar

  8. us vakt me gar ki chat pe tha or mene dekha ek gol aeroplane
    me samja hamare gav me plane itna
    niche kese aa gaya .
    mene uski do photo mobile se li
    me photo nhi dikha sakta kyoki me
    is pr research krna chahta hu ya koi
    mile jise me ye photo du or muje iske bare me bate.

    • O A RAJAPPAN Says:

      u f o and aliens are real as the day light all the governments are hiding this facts for obvious reasons i have gone through a lot of materials and I am sure that they exist and they are far far ahead of us

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